Network Audit / Technology Assessment

A Network Audit or Technology Assessment might be necessary for several reasons such as not knowing the current state of your network or you might need a second opinion of what your current IT Manager or company is doing. Whatever that reason may be, we can perform our proprietary network audit and evaluate the comprehensive findings of your current systems with you. One solution does not fit all and it’s important for us to understand and determine the state of your business technology so we can offer the right solution.

Calitso’s Network Audit will take stock of all your current technology. We then analyze all the data produced by the audit and present it to you in relatable terms. In the image below you will see a screen shot of our executive summary page. This gives you a brief overview of all the info we will review with you.

Do you need to know if each area of your technology meets industry requirements, is up to best practice or requires adjustments? Calitso will do a thorough check of each area then make the best recommendations based on the findings.

After that review with you, we will recommend the next steps and collaborate with you to build long-term technology goals.

You will find the time our expert consultants spend with you reviewing the findings, and the recommendations they make are invaluable to a long term and sustainable IT program.

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